Written by Editorial Team, DonateToday

          Here at DonateToday, our mission is simple: 

to give a voice to charities and to champion the good that your donations can achieve

Our Story

There’s no sugar-coating the fact it’s a tough time for charity.

Cutbacks to funding have seen the sector take a huge hit. The number of causes in need of donations has rocketed. In the midst of all of this, thousands of charities have found it hard to make their voices heard. We noticed this.

As a result, we made it our task at DonateToday to create an exciting platform; a website allowing for the profiles of many smaller causes to be raised on a national level, in order to increase donations. Why? Because small and medium charitable organisations are often at the heart of our local communities. 

In fact, these smaller organisations make up roughly 97% of all UK charities – but receive less than around 10% of overall donations. And whilst smaller charities are generally much more cost-effective in their spending, limited resources mean they are forced to spend between 20-40% of their income on fundraising efforts. 

We realised if we could lower the effective cost of fundraising for these charities, more money could go directly to those who desperately need help. So we acted.

Working Together

A high percentage of people suggest they do not donate to smaller charitable organisations because they are both hard to locate, and difficult to donate to. 

We want to fix this problem. 

That is why we have brought together stories from some of the hardest-working charities into one simple place, and teamed it up with our trusted and secure donation technology. DonateToday provides a unique package for charities that is simple and innovative. A service like no other.

Our website shines a spotlight on some of the most touching and inspirational stories which charitable donations have so far helped to achieve. This enables supporters to see exactly where their money will be going – and importantly, exactly who they are helping – when making donations.

Our industry-leading technology allows for donations to be made in just a few simple steps on our site, and is one of the safest and most secure ways to donate today. On top of this, we also provide a comprehensive customer care service, offering one-to-one support to ensure that any issues are immediately dealt with.

By working with these charities and providing expert help, we hope that thousands of causes can be given the platform and voice that they deserve.

What do we want?

At DonateToday, we have outlined the following three goals:

We want smaller charities to spend more of their valuable time and resources helping those most in need. We will achieve this by lowering the total end-to-end cost of fundraising for charities, which will ease their workload considerably.

We want to ensure supporters are confident their donations are completed in a secure manner. We use our industry-leading technology to ensure donations are always safe and secure, whilst remaining quick and easy to complete.

We want to champion the good that donations achieve across the world. By sharing the heart-warming stories of thousands of individuals overcoming adversity, this allows you – the supporter – to recognise the power your donation has to make a difference.