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Aid convoy mission arrives in Serbia to distribute 60 tonnes of aid to refugees

Aid convoy mission arrives in Serbia to distribute 60 tonnes of aid to refugees

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Volunteers sort through 60 tonnes of aid which was separated into three trucks for the mission

Two humanitarian charities have teamed up to deliver over 60 tonnes of aid to Syrian refugees living in camps across Šid, Serbia.

The aid was delivered by volunteers from Muntada Aid and Hope & Aid Direct, who drove almost 1,300 miles across Europe to reach their destination. 

Volunteers are now distributing over 60 tonnes worth of aid to those in need.

As winter looms, refugees will be given winter clothing to keep them warm, as well as new shoes, blankets, pyjamas, shower gel, shampoo and of course, food, amongst other necessities.

The convoy, consisting of three trucks, set off last Sunday from Maidstone and arrived in Šid on Thursday morning. It passed through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, before finally crossing the border into Serbia. 

Volunteers will now deliver the aid – an amount equal in weight to seven African elephants – to several camps across Šid. The northwesterly town has seen a rapid influx of refugees and migrants in recent years. 

The ten day trip will then see volunteers arrive home to the UK mid next week.

This is the third aid convey the humanitarian charities have partnered up for, after visiting refugee camps in Thessaloniki, Greece in July 2016, and Lesvos, Greece in January of this year.

Volunteers and drivers from two organisations teamed up
The round trip to Sid and back covers almost 2,500 miles