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Sarcoidosis UK set to mark its 20th anniversary by funding pioneering research into rare disease that can affect both the heart and the lungs

Sarcoidosis UK celebrates 20th anniversary by potentially curing rare disease

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Researchers from the University of Vienna have been working on a ground-breaking treatment for Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is a rare and under-researched disease which can target any area of the body but has often been known to affect the lungs, skin, eyes, joints, nervous system and heart. In up to 5% of cases, it is terminal.

The disease affects a million people around the world, including in the UK. 

Sarcoidosis UK, the country’s only Sarcoidosis charity is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, and will be marking the occasion with pioneering research that, it is hoped, can provide a cure for this terrible illness.

The ground-breaking research is being conducted by a team of specialists at the University of Vienna who have discovered that ‘switching on’ a protein called mTOR in a mouse gives it Sarcoidosis. The charity is funding a project to discover if the reserve works – blocking the mTOR protein to stop the disease. 

It is hoped that the charity can fund a globally significant human trial to see if human mTOR blockers which are already approved can be successful in curing Sarcoidosis, thus providing the first ever treatment for the disease.

The charity is well on its way to reaching its fundraising target of £120,000 and has arranged to have the value of all donations made doubled – any and all support is gratefully received.