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Young boy with undiagnosed genetic condition has had an operation for every two years of his life, but is using the Force to help him face his health issues

Six-year-old with undiagnosed genetic condition has had an operation for every two years he's been alive, but is using the Force to help with his endless hospital appointments

  •  Oliver is a huge Star Wars fan
  • The six-year-old is living with an undiagnosed genetic condition 
  • He has already undergone three major operations
  • A charity arranged a very special experience for the youngster

Written by Callum Patterson for DonateToday

PUBLISHED: 10:03, 6th Sep 2017 | UPDATED: 11:33, 30th Oct 2017

Three Major Operations

At the time Oliver's mum spoke to the Make-A-Wish UK's website, but he had already had three major operations: open heart surgery, spinal surgery, and a kidney removal. 

‘He’s had numerous health problems,’ Krista confirmed. The youngster was living with an undiagnosed genetic condition which caused problems with his heart, kidneys, bowels and bladder.

Since birth Oliver has been living with an undiagnosed genetic condition, which has seen him in and out of hospital

The heart surgery the youngster has had to go through has left Oliver with a scar on his stomach, one that Krista admited he was previously ‘quite self-conscious,’ about. 

However, the little boy was then granted an experience which has boosted his self-confidence rather dramatically.

Star Wars-Obsessed

Oliver was a huge Star Wars fan – ‘Star Wars-obsessed,’ as Krista put it – who spent his time watching the films and re-enacting the scenes with his toys. 

With this in mind, his family applied to Make-A-Wish, a charity that grants wishes to children and young people with life-threatening conditions, to have Oliver appointed a Jedi Knight and join forces with the one and only Obi-Wan Kenobi to fight the evil Darth Maul.

‘When he first saw the characters, he was overwhelmed,’ recalled Krista. ‘He was like “Oh my God – this is really happening; this is my wish come true. He was just so happy – it was lovely to see him like that.’

"Since the wish, Oliver's confidence has grown a lot."

- Krista, Oliver's mother


As well as enjoying a fantastic and heroic day out helping the Jedi Order keep the evil forces of the Sith at bay, Oliver’s wish also had an enduring impression on the young fan. ‘Since the wish, Oliver’s confidence has grown a lot,’ explained Krista.

‘Because Obi-Wan said to him “You can tell people that Darth Maul did your scar,” he talks a lot more about his scar and he shows it to more people – he was very self-conscious about it before.

‘It was just a little conversation Ollie had with Obi-Wan, and that meant so much to him. It was the best thing Obi-Wan could have said to him.’

Oliver was granted his wish of joining forces with Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi in a futuristic-style battle

Positive Memories

Reflecting on how Make-A-Wish has helped her son, and countless other children, Krista was full of praise for the work the charity does. 

‘It is important to have a wish because these children have gone through so much,’ she said. ‘It helps them with all the hospital visits and traumas they have been through – a wish helps them escape and build some positive memories.

‘Oliver has built some really positive memories today,’ she went on, ‘So when he goes back to hospital in a couple of weeks, he will be thinking of this and not what is happening at the hospital.’

And what did Oliver think of his intergalactic experience? ‘My wish was awesome,’ he beamed!

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